• Disk space: 1 Gb
  • Bandwith: 100 Гб
  • Websites: 1
  • Backups: +
  • Panel: Free cPanel account
  • Support 24/7: +
  • Normal+


  • Bandwith: 1 Tb
  • Websites: 50
  • Backups: +
  • Panel: Free cPanel account
  • Support 24/7: +
  • Big


  • Disk space: 1 Gb
  • Bandwith: 100 Гб
  • Websites: 1
  • Backups: +
  • Panel: Free cPanel account
  • Support 24/7: +



    • Traffic

      Open feature of connecting servers with one location to a common

    • Processors

      We are giving you top Intel processors

    • Monitoring and manage

      With simple tools you can control and analyze all processes with your server

    • LAN

      Easy migration your servers to LAN


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    Tom Peterson, HR-manager, Chop chop shop

    We’ve been used UK Dedicated Server service more than 6 years, and they always be perfect. Thanks, the best!

    Robert Rondon, Director, Langton’s group

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    Choice of the Dedicated server: all details and subtleties

    The world of IT technologies underwent huge changes in recent years and doesn't reduce turns. There is a big number of the companies who provides the Dedicated server for rent which uses for own business or other cases. Providers offer various plans, rates and options for an opportunity to select the optimal for you. But there is a huge numbers of them and difficulty occasionally to make a right choice. That's why we will try to help you with the choice of an optimum plan of a dedicated hosting service.

    The first Thesis is operating system

    "Which is the operation system I should to choose?" - very important and primary question. What is better for you? The server with OS Windows or OS Linux? Windows operating system is the usual choice because it is closer for the normal user and already familiar that's why it doesn't require special acquaintance with it. You can't tell the same about OS Linux.

    Why is Linux? It is popular too. It is fully different operation system if you compare with Windows. Also Linux concerns to the UNIX family. And when you selected Linux, you should pass a big way of learning. But if you are expert in this it isn't for You.

    In comparing with Linux and Windows, the first is safer, quicker and more safely. But Windows is more flexible system. If you have not a big business in the Network, you equally will use any operation system. At this level, a real difference in what operating system is more convenient for you.

    If you have already project in the Network and you are using ASP or the .net code, therefore the new server will be on the Windows operating system. Just because Linux doesn't support these technologies. But you can pass to PHP. You will spend a lot of time and you will do a great job on it. And, the important moment if you are using Flash or something similar - the Windows operating system for you.

    When is it better to select the Linux system? When your website uses PHP or PERL. Negative side of Linux is that it restricted technologies that doesn't do Windows. But the difference is that this technologies for Linux work better and more safely. Also Linux is better if you don't have even the database.

    Thesis number two: hardware

    RAM and central processor. Depending on the size of your business appropriate resources for maintenance are required. At the same time, if you have a landing page website which doesn't require big resources for support. There will be enough server on Windows.

    Thesis number three: throughput

    Important factor is throughput which the truth will take away some more money. If your website isn't informational and it has a large number of a multimedia content it is better for higher throughout.

    So when you will have a high throughput, it is necessary to think of a node for accessibility. And cheap dedicated servers can’t always help in the situation. Anyway, you will be need the high-speed pipeline. That's why You should to know in different providers about their plans and select the best for your business.

    Thesis number four: understanding

    Is it enough at you knowledge for independent install and setup your own server in the house or an office or not? If it is positive answer you don't need in the controlled website.

    There are several options in control of web hosting service. With additional payments web hosting service will undertake all services for server. If you want to change something you can write and they will do all your tasks. And you will not need to strain and worry about concerning the server. If the subject IT isn't close to you, there is no need to learn from beggining. Give the rights to professional, for example, to one of the best team from UK Dedicated Server (

    But if you are the professional or your employee, you can get fully access to the server. Negative side is the price of this option will be more expensive, but in this case you will have more opportunities. For maximum safety of support it is feasible and selection of the most thin specifications you should think about personally server management.

    Choice of the suitable dedicated server isn't simple task. I hope our advices cleared your situation and you will be able to choose the optimum server for you.